Microfiber Anti-Slip Yoga Exercise Towel

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Microfiber Anti-Slip Yoga Exercise Towel

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Microfiber Anti-Slip Yoga Exercise Towel

First of all, Microfiber Anti-Slip Yoga Exercise Towel has microfiber material and it is made of international high-tech nano ultra-fine fibers DTY. Furthermore, it’s ability of absorbation speed and volume of water and dust is 10 times of cotton towels as well as durability is 4 times of cotton one. In conclusion, product is soft, comfortable and bright color as well as no bactrerium, no odor and lint-free.

Size: 183 * 61.5cm, thickness is about 3mm

Color: Blue, green, pink and purple


1. First of all, the silicone nubs improve the buoyant weakness of general towel, more docile, more anti-slip. Therefore it is widely used in yoga exercises as yoga mats.

2. In addition, it is a cover yoga towel on the yoga mat, avoiding the touch of yoga mat keeping the yoga mats sustainable use and clean.

3. Prevent inhalation of bacteria on the yoga mat, avoid absorbing dust mites when doing some facial movements close to yoga mat. Furthermore, it absorbs sweat.

4. Microfiber has the feature of capillarity adsorption effect, makes the towel absorb water quickly, quick-drying characteristics.

5. The non-slip nubs on the back, could make the towel fixed with the yoga mat, effectively assist yoga stretching and balance, enhance sports safety and comfort. The particles bump is a good massage for foot and back, promote blood circulation.

6. Item is lightweight, versatile and easy to carry.

8. Product is machine washable and easy cleaning.




pink, orange, green, purple, blue, rose red, light purple

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is about 3mm


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