Yoga Fitness Exercise Gym Fit Ball


Yoga Fitness Exercise Gym Fit Ball

Size: 65 cm

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Yoga Fitness Exercise Gym Fit Ball

First of all, Yoga Fitness Exercise Gym Fit Ball is a great piece of exercise equipment for you to use at home or gym. In addition, this 65 cm item comes in five different colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, and Purple. Furthermore, the product is anti-burst making it durable for years to come. In conclusion, do not hesitate to find our more about Yoga Fitness Exercise Gym Fit Ball from the description, features, and specications below.


Exercise Balls are the best tools for strengthening your core muscles. This refers to the muscles of your chest down into your pelvis and encompasses all abdominal muscles.
We find people are searching for the term ‘core exercise ball’ and this article is for you. Not only will your abs look smashing after some consistent workouts with an exercise ball, you will also gain core stability, which is an essential part of having a healthy, strong body.
By strengthening your core, you will improve your ability to do a myriad of daily tasks, such as activities which require lifting, bending, twisting and even sitting. Your posture will improve and your digestive and circulatory systems will enjoy better efficiency.

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Structured to remain in one place and not roll aware while you’re not using it
– Anti-burst feature prevents the ball from bursting during use
– Perfect for Core Muscle Building / Yoga / Pilates / Toning


Rest your feet on the ground and, facing down, balance your upper body on the exercise ball. Depending on your current level of strength and sense of balance, you may wish to rest either your chest (easiest), forearms (middle difficulty) or hands on the ball. You may either hold for as long as possible or perform reps by holding for ten seconds, resting and returning for another rep and repeating several times.


Gymnastic Exercise Balls

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United Kingdom




With Pump


65 cm


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