Top 3 Main Benefits of Yoga

The word Yoga represents the unity of mind, body, and spirit. This ancient practice influences not only body and mind but also your body weight. Here is a list of the top 3 benefits of Yoga:

Better Fitness

First, for top 3 benefits of Yoga it seems unlikely but Yoga helps with the whole body workout even including inner organs. Various postures affect different parts of your body.

Some postures increase strength, flexibility, and endurance. Other can rejuvenate cardiovascular system (slower heart rate, lower blood pressure…). Some postures massage and stimulate internal organs, which improves the elimination of toxins. Other postures affect digestive, nervous and respiratory systems, slow down aging and increase lifespan.

All in all, your body rejuvenates itself and works much more efficiently.

Mental well-being

The second thing of top 3 benefits of Yoga starts with meditation and breathing. Breathing brings life into your body, releases tension, decreases stress, anxiety, depression and even anger. When you breathe properly, more oxygen gets into your brain, you can focus your attention on yourself at the present moment, see yourself as you really are and try to solve what you don’t like about yourself.

By affecting your nervous system, yoga regulates the secretion of hormones. A slight hormonal misbalance can cause chaos in your brain.

Better cognitive performance leads to a sense of inner peace and harmony and helps you become a better, calmer and more compassionate person.

Weight control

Finally on our list of top 3 benefits of Yoga, you should be aware that weight control is not just about burning calories. It’s true that the right posture will burn more calories, but it’s even more important to have healthy eating habits.

Yoga advises natural, vegetarian diet. That type of diet promotes weight maintenance and weight loss.

When eating habits are concerned, yoga deals with stress and emotions that are mostly the roots of all the eating disorders. Ask yourself what the main reason you opened the fridge is – was it the real hunger, or just your mood. Negative emotions can be powerful triggers for devouring tons of ice-cream and pizzas.

Yoga helps you to slow down, relax, rethink and break unhealthy habits. As soon as you realize when your stomach is full enough and achieve harmony with your body, extra body weight won’t be a problem anymore.

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