Two Steps for Productive Yoga Diet

When human beings were more connected with nature, our natural instinct told us which food is good for us and which is not. Through evolution we have lost that instinct. Yoga helps us find it and wake it up. If you really want to have a productive yoga diet, you should stick to these two basic steps:

Choose carefully what you eat

Yoga recommends vegetarianism. Yoga diet should be a balanced, healthy diet consisting of fresh fruit, vegetables, cooked whole grains, nuts and seeds, oils, legumes, milk, herbal teas, natural sweeteners, sweet spices…This type of food rejuvenates human body, creates lightness, clarity and changes body’s chemistry.

You should avoid processed, denaturalized food, artificial sweeteners, sodas and stimulants, too spicy and oily food. You shouldn’t eat old, frozen and stale food and food that is not properly cooked. Some of these types of food are either too difficult to digest and can cause the lack of energy, or they lack in energy and can’t be beneficial to us. All in all, your goal is to satisfy your body, not your taste buds.

In other words, consuming healthy, alive food will create healthy, alive mind and body. In that way you’ll be prepared for all the challenges that life brings.

Productive Yoga Diet

Choose carefully how you eat

How you eat should support the primary purpose of digested food. That purpose is creating energy and healthier body. There are a number of guidelines of how to eat in order to have a productive yoga diet:

  • Food should be eaten in moderation, with positive attitude and chewed thoroughly until your stomach is half full. You shouldn’t eat two hours before practice or going to bed. During that time food will be completely digested.
  • You should drink water 30 minutes before a meal. Otherwise, it will wash away the digestive juices.
  • You should eat three meals a day at the same time and at least 4 hours apart between those meals. Instead of snacks, you can drink herbal teas.

Remember that these two steps are not everything you need to know about yourself. Every person is different, so it’s up to you to discover what and how to eat in order to achieve your maximum potential.

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